Fun Ways To Celebrate National Pet Week With Your Dog

Fun Ways To Celebrate National Pet Week With Your Dog

The first week of May is National Pet Week. It's the perfect time to pause our busy lives and say thanks for our beloved pets. Whether your pet is a dog, a cat, a bird, a guinea pig, or any other animal, they are always there for us. So why not show your pets how much you love them during National Pet Week?
If you have a dog, Bella&Pal has rounded up some fun ways to celebrate National Pet Week with your dog for you.

Get Your Gift Ready

Everyone loves gifts, and so does your furry pal. Get your gift ready for your furry pal who is always around to enrich your life. Whether it's a new flavor snack, a fun toy, or a brand new dog bed, your dog will feel happy and excited to be pampered.

Not sure what to get your pet? Bella&Pal has prepared a gift guide and discounts for you

 Gift For National Pet Week

Schedule A Vet Appointment

National Pet Week is the perfect reminder to go to the vet and make sure your pet is happy and healthy. Don't wait until your dog is obviously sick or injured to take him to the vet. Regular check-ups are crucial for early detection of health problems. Even if your dog seems to be doing just fine, regular health checks alert you to common pet health issues that need to be addressed, such as dental hygiene, potential allergies or deteriorating vision.

Schedule A Vet Appointment

A Fun Road Trip

A simple walk around the neighborhood might not be special enough for National Pet Week, why not explore the open road with your dog on this sunny day? Plan this road trip in advance. Enjoy the road with your dog, and finish off the road trip fatigue by taking your dog to a pet-friendly hotel and a pet-friendly restaurant for a hearty meal. Before you start your road trip, this packing list may be helpful (a portable bowl, treats, water, medicine, an ID tag, a comfortable dog leash that attaches to your car seat belt).

Fun Road Trip

Throw A Party For Your Dog

It's National Pet Week! You can throw a massive celebration party for your furry pal! Choose a theme, decorate your house, pile the floor with doggie toys and treats, and of course don't forget the human food and drink for your friends! Invite your friends and family to bring their pets along for a day you'll never forget.

Throw a Party for your Dog
Get Groomed

While your dog may not look terribly scruffy, a professional grooming plan will make your dog look and smell better, more importantly offer Health Benefits.
Bathing removes dirt, excess grease and parasites from your dog's hair. Ear cleaning prevents bacteria from growing and removes parasites. Trim your dog's nails to prevent them from growing back into your dog's pads and reduce infections. A professional dog groomer is gentle, compassionate and has plenty of grooming tools that you don't usually find at home to make your dog's grooming experience comfortable.
 Get Groomed

Have A Photo Shoot

We're sure more than half of your phone's storage is filled with photos of your dog, but you can take more during this special National Pet Week! Capture your furry pal's funny moments during National Pet Week with photos. Show the photos on social media to let your friends know that your furry pal is growing up happily and healthy under your good care.

Have a photo shoot


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