Best 5 Dog Gifts To Celebrate National Dog Week

Best 5 Dog Gifts To Celebrate National Dog Week

Woof! National Dog Week is kicking off! Dogs have been regarded as the best friend of human beings, and this relationship remains intimate over time. In appreciation of their companionship, the fourth week of September each year will be celebrated as National Dog Week. BELLA & PAL has prepared some pawfect dog gifts to treat your furry pal this week!

Heavy Duty Bungee Dog Leash

(BELLA & PAL Heavy Duty Bungee Dog Leash, view more >>)

Walking is an essential activity for dogs. Safety and comfort are crucial elements for pet parents when choosing outdoor gear for their lovely furry pal. A bungee dog leash can absorb shock when a dog tugs on a leash, which can offer more comfort between pet parents and the dogs. Furthermore, dogs are always curious about nature. A bungee dog leash allows extra freedom of movement to let them sniff around and explore nature, achieving “roam free” while you still be in control. But the bungee leashes will be suited for well-behavior dogs and are not ideal for strong dogs who aren’t well-trained. As for the dogs who are aggressive pullers, it is still necessary to have no-pull training for them.

Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

   (BELLA & PAL Plush Squeaky Rope Toy - Twister Piggy, view more >>)

One of the most popular gifts for dogs is a dog toy. The common types of toys in the current market are tug toys, comfort toys, and fetch toys. This squeaky plush rope dog toy with a piggy design has combined these three types. Not only can be used a tug toy to play tug of war to build a bond; but also can be considered a comfort toy to company the dogs to fight against boredom and reduce separation anxiety while staying alone.

Dog Hair Clips

    (BELLA & PAL Dog Snap Hair Clips - Pastorale, view more >>)

For dogs with long hair like Shih Tzu, Pomeranians, Bichon, and Teddy, the hassle from hair exuberant is not just the influence on physical appearance, but visual obstruction. A pet hairpin is a great way to prevent facial hair from obscuring their view, and it also prevents staining the pet’s facial hair while eating. In addition to that, the cute hairpin styling can make your dog look even cuter and more charming on many occasions. The lightweight and compact material does not have to worry about causing any burden to the dog!

Pet Glasses

    (BELLA & PAL Tinted Lens Dog Glasses - Lake Green, view more >>)

Except for the cute snap dog hairpin, these classic retro design dog glasses are also great props to magnify the cuteness of dogs. At any pet party where many dogs gather, dressing up your dog with these pet glasses will definitely make your dog stand out from the crowd.

Homemade Dog Treat

Last but not least, nothing is more precious than a homemade treat baked by its owner. If you happen to love baking, just bake it now! Don’t forget to add some vegetables your puppy like to the treat, and then chat with your furry kid while baking.

Dogs always make everything better and are always wagging its tail to greet us at any time. Reminding us that life is still good even if experiencing a rough day! In this National Dog Week, hurry up to do something for your pal and spend a pleasant and cozy time!

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