5 Fun And Meaningful Ways To Celebrate National Dog Mom’s Day

5 Fun And Meaningful Ways To Celebrate National Dog Mom’s Day

Can dog moms celebrate Mother's Day? Of course you can! In fact, right after Mother's Day, there is a day dedicated to thanking dog moms for their efforts: National Dog Mother's Day! The second Sunday in May is National Dog Mom Day, a day when all furry babies express their gratitude to their moms by making woof woof sounds.

As an ordinary but great dog mother, you have given a lot of time and love to make sure our furry little babies live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. So on the National Dog Mom Day, which is dedicated to honoring our efforts and love, Bella&Pal thinks you deserve to do something fun but meaningful. And here are some special ways you can celebrate National Dog Mom Day:

Take Your Puppy To The Zoo

Take your furry baby to a dog-friendly zoo! Your furry baby will have the opportunity to meet lions, tigers, bears and other members of the animal kingdom. In some dog-friendly zoos with aquariums, they even allow four-legged guests to participate in jellyfish contact pools. If you live in a city that doesn't have a dog-friendly zoo, just build one for your furry baby at home! Fill your house with plush squeaky animal dog toys and let your furry baby be the king of the animal kingdom!

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national dog mom day take your puppy to the zoo

Treat Yourself 

As a responsible dog mom, you've given a lot of time and love to your furry baby. It's a holiday just for dog moms, you deserve to get up late with your dog, then take your dog to a dog-friendly restaurant for a fabulous brunch. Not only do these dog-friendly restaurants serve delicious human food and drinks, they also offer treats and dishes specially prepared for dogs.

national dog mom day treat yourself with a nice dinner

Get Pampered

It's a day that every dog mom deserves to relax! Book a salon and pamper yourself with a new hairdo or a body massage. Don't forget to book a groom for your furry baby. Let a professional pet groomer bathe or trim your furry baby's nails so you both feel refreshed and relaxed together!

national dog mom day treat yourself with a spa

A Dog Mom Party

Throw a dog mom party and invite your best dog mom friend(and of course their furry babies). Prepare cocktails and cupcakes that dog moms will enjoy. Delicious dog treats and toys are enough for fluffy babies, and it's a fun party for them too! Your fluffy baby may not be able to provide material gifts, but dog moms can! Why not have every dog mom prepare a thoughtful gift for a gift exchange? This is a party just for dog moms and should be focused on things that dog moms really enjoy. Don't forget to get the mother dog and their fluffy baby to take a big picture together to mark the occasion after the party.

national dog mom day treat yourself with a dog mom party

Take Your Dog To A Dog Yoga Class

Have You Heard of Doga? Doga, also known as dog Yoga, is a type of yoga that you can do with your dog. Many dog moms find Doga not only a fun way to exercise, but also a good way to spend quality time with their furry baby. Doga allows you and your dog to build stronger bodies together, relieve stress and anxiety (research shows dogs feel anxiety too), and strengthen the bond between you and your furry baby! If you and your furry baby find that the daily walk or fetch is starting to get a bit boring, try Doga with your furry baby! Note: if you haven't tried Doga before, it is recommended to take your dog to a Doga class, professional guidance will make everything easier!

Take Your Dog To A Dog Yoga Class

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