5 Best Dog Easter Gifts To Spoil Your Pup

5 Best Dog Easter Gifts To Spoil Your Pup

It's Easter season again, and every fluffy doggie deserves a visit from the Easter bunny and a basket full of gifts from their pawents. Not sure what to put in your pup's basket? Well, not to worry, Bella&Pal has some suggestions for you!

 Easter Bunny Ears For Dogs

Who can say no to a puppy with these adorable floppy rabbit ears? This cute accessory is like a real rabbit's ears and will fit perfectly on your pup's head, turning your pup into a real Easter bunny! Imagine your pup wearing these bunny ears while hunting for Easter eggs in the yard, or pops up at a Halloween costume party, birthday party, or even a beauty pageant! Sure to make the other dogs at the party jealous!

 Easter Bunny Ears for Dogs

Easter Bunny Dog Costume

A pair of rabbit ears on the head is not enough? Well, you sure can turn your pup into a cute big bunny by dressing your pup up with Easter bunny dog costum! Your pup will definitely want to hop into spring in this cute bunny costume! With the floppy ears and soft, silky fur, your furry pal will bring a ton of smiles to all!   

Easter Bunny Dog Costume

 (Chewy Bunny Dog Costume)

Plush Squeaky Dog Toys

Who says the best Easter surprise is cookies and candies? Use your imagination! The plush squeaky dog toys are also great choices! Once your pup discovers your hidden plush squeaky dog toys, your pup will spend hours playing with them! These plush squeaky dog toys are good helpers for cleaning the pup’s teeth, massageing their gums and preventing cavities. You won't regret buying these bite-resistant toys while your dog is teething. Bonus: each plush squeaky dog toy comes with a hidden squeaky device to arouse your pup's curiosity and add even more fun!

Plush Squeaky Dog Toy
Bella&Pal Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

Egg-shaped Fetch Toys

Egg hunting is one of the most fun activities of Easter, so how can you leave the egg-shaped fetch toys out of your gift list for your pup? The egg-shaped fetch toys are simple in design but versatile. They can be thrown, bounced or propelled. We all know that dogs love to chase and fetch. These egg-shaped fetch toys are made from natural rubber, which are soft, lightweight and bite-resistant. More importantly, the size and shape perfectly fits the dog's jaw, making this simple toy the perfect fetch toy for your pup! The egg toys come in a variety of colors, the colorful design fills your yard with the festive atmosphere of Easter! Make sure the egg toys you choose are made with food-grade dyes.

Egg-shaped fetch toys

(Jollypets Egg-shaped Fetch Toys)

 Carrot-shaped Treats For Dogs

While dogs won't be able to enjoy the traditional Easter basket full of candies and cookies, they will definitely love carrot-shaped treats, like those homemade treats you make for them! They're packed with healthy and delicious natural ingredients like carrots, pumpkin and parsley to help maintain a healthy gut and and get plenty of vitamins for your pup. They can also be tucked into plastic eggs, which make great props for Easter egg hunts! There are plenty of tutorials you can find online. We recommend the one from Rover. Don't forget to post photos of your handmade cookies to your social media accounts after you finish baking. You're sure to get a ton of Likes!

Carrot-shaped Treats For Dogs

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