Pup Health Care: The Importance of Walking the Dogs

Pup Health Care: The Importance of Walking the Dogs

Walking the dog is on almost every pet parent's daily to-do list. While some new green hands may think of dog walking as a pleasure to pass the time, but it is actually significant for the physical and mental health of our canine friends.

Boost Physical Immunity

Studies have shown that dogs that exercise more will live longer than dogs that do not exercise. Walking can promote blood circulation and metabolism of the dog, thereby improving their immunity and reducing the chance of the dog getting sick. For example, it can effectively reduce the problems of cardiovascular and liver diseases caused by obesity in dogs. Also, It has a prominent positive effect on lowering blood pressure and strengthening the bones of dogs. Secondly, as a less strenuous outdoor activity, walking is suitable for most dogs of different breeds. But the exercise time should be adjusted according to the actual situation and endurance of the dog. The time for puppies and elderly dogs is generally recommended to be 15 to 20 minutes.

Enhance Mental Health

The most obvious benefit of walking the dog is that it can consume the dog's energy and stabilize the dog's fluctuation in emotions. Like humans, dogs also will feel stressed and irritable if they stay in a closed environment for a long time. If this condition can not be mitigated for a period, it is possible to force the dogs to do something by themselves to release the stress, such as biting the couch, barking, and even triggering aggressive behavior. In order to keep the dog maintaining a good personality, it is very necessary to walk the dog every day.

Expand Social Circle

Dogs need to be exposed to different people and environments to better understand the world, and walking is one of the most common and important forms of socialization for dogs. Walking your dog will allow our furry pal to meet more canine friends so that expand their social circle. With the 2022 World Cup approaching, pet owners who love football also can purchase some football dog toys and arrange an interesting dog-to-dog football contest for the furry kid and its friends during walking time. A dog who always plays with a companion is less likely to be depressed. But one point that needs to keep in mind is that, for the furry pal your dog acquaint with for the first time, please be sure that you have the dog gears to leash your dogs. So that you can control or protect your pet's safety if any emergencies appear.

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Solve the Excretion Problem

For most pet owners, walking is a great way to teach your dog to excrete its waste outdoors. Dogs can't read the time, but they have a strong biological clock. Walking your dog regularly will let your dog know when it is ready to excrete, so he will naturally regulate and control his diet and water to match his excretion. You've no doubt had the experience that when it's time to go for a walk, if you're not out of the house yet, your dog will be constantly excited to wag his tail, hovering at the door and looking at you with anticipation to remind you of the time. Although walking the dogs can let your house prevent from stinking up by the dog's waste, each of the pet parents still needs to remember to carry poop bags to maintain a community environment.

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