How To Pick The Toys For Your Pup?

How To Pick The Toys For Your Pup?

Are you surfing many shopping websites just to select appropriate dog toys for your adorable four-legged friend? If yes, please continue to look through it, this article will give you some orientation on shopping.

Why Do The Dogs Need Toys?

Some green hand of keeping pup may feel quizzical about this question. Do the dogs need the toys? The answer is "Absolutely!". Not only do young dogs need it, but also old dogs too. As a human being, you would find that the entertainment events occupy our daily life, and people regard these events as a catharsis of stress and an important way to enrich life. And the meaning of toys for dogs is the same as entertainment events for the human beings, they can:

  • Keep dogs occupied and fight boredom when they stay alone
  • Comfort dogs when feeling nervous and anxious
  • Strengthen a pup's physical and mental development.

Therefore, the dog toy is also a necessity for lighting the pup’s life.

What Kind Of Toy Do The Pups Like?

Ball Toys

Most of the dogs like the game of tossing and fetching. When playing fetching, it is easier to train pups to obey the instructions and get a skill like "take it" and "drop it" during playtime. But one thing that should be paid attention to is that you need to choose the ball based on your pup’s actual situation. For example, hard materials would be more suitable for dogs who are aggressive chewers than a puppy. Otherwise, It would be harmful to the puppy’s oral. And the big size should be selected for a large dog, to prevent it from swallowing.


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Woven Rope Dog Toy

This kind of toy is very suitable for playing Tug of War with the pups. Most of the dogs all love it! But some pet owners are reluctant to play this interactive game with their pups. They have a fear of increasing the aggressiveness in a dog if playing this game, but in fact, the tug is conducive to learning impulse control, mouth control, and cooperation for pups. Besides, a woven rope dog is good to protect a pup’s oral hygiene. The rope fiber could floss the food residue between teeth and act like dental floss. If you want to get more information about teeth cleaning for dogs, highly recommend reading:  5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean.

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Squeaky Plush Comfort Toy

Squeaky dog toys must be the dream toys for your pup! The built-in squeaking device will drive your dog to be fascinated by it definitely. Not only can draw the pup’s attention and keep their interest in exploring, but also can conduce to lose interest in biting the sofa and your other furniture. What's more, A cotton dog toy that possesses a soft texture and comfortable hand feeling will have a positive effect on consolation when they are feeling nervous and anxious. Some dogs also love to cuddle with it even during sleep time.

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Puzzle toy

This kind of toy is always accompanied by a reward. The common puzzle toy is a puzzle feeder. The treat will hide under the feeder, and the pup needs to use its paw to try to find it out. It is very great to pique curiosity, boost your dog's mental development, and help them improve their problem-solving skills.


How To Use The Toy Correctly?

  • Rotating the dog toy weekly. It can help your pup keep active and interested in the toy, and you can check the status of the toy by the way. If broken or dirty, it should be replaced in time to ensure safety during playing.
  • Best used under your supervision. This requirement is to prevent toy components from being ingested by your dog if the toy is torn.
  • Select the toy to match your pup’s play style. Dog toys for aggressive chewers should choose the heavy-duty material.
  • Clean the toy or replace it on a regular period. The health of the pup also needs to pay attention to as same as the baby, the dirty and broken will be a threat to your lovely puppy.